• Thursday, 29th Nov 2018 - 09:45 – 12:00
  • MORNING EVENT (Incl coffee & pastries)


In 1900s Vienna, bohemian coffee houses, avant-garde music clubs and international modernism encouraged experimentation and a break from traditional styles - painter Gustav Klimt was receptive to these new ideas and co-founded the radical Vienna Secession and developed a unique style of image making. From the iconic post-card cover ‘The Kiss’ to the star of the Helen Mirren film ‘Woman in Gold’, Gustav Klimt’s dazzling paintings have captivated generations of art lovers across the globe.

In time for the upcoming Klimt / Schiele exhibition at the Royal Academy, Patrick Bade , author of ‘Gustav Klimt at Home’, explores the art and life of Klimt during the decadent and glamourous years of fin-de-siècle Vienna, the cradle of much that was the best and worst in the 20th-century.

Morning event with coffee and pastries.

In time for the upcoming Royal Academy exhibition Klimt / Schiele (opens 04 November 2018)

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