• Wednesday, 13th Feb 2019 - 09:45 – 12:00
  • MORNING EVENT (Incl coffee & pastries)


"He’s caked on the paint… and then shaped it, not with a brush, but with his palette knife and fingers." - BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz about Vincent Van Gogh

Fontana slashed the canvas with blades.
Pollock splattered paint from above.
Turner commanded the sea with his strokes.
Rembrandt used his thumbs.

How captivating to view painting through the eyes of the artist, revealing their choice of gestures and materials - the dripping pigment, the erased pencil marks, the glimpses of naked canvas, the brazen outcrops of paint.

Join artist and Central St. Martins lecturer Alice White as she goes under the varnish to see what secrets are hidden beneath, unveiling the subtleties of the artist’s creative process.

You will never look at a painting the same way again.

Morning event with coffee and pastries.

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