Current Season

October 2019 - May 2020: Movers and shakers, egos and rivals

"Self-promotion and self-invention are inextricable from art itself."
Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 2010

Our art talks this season examine key players in the art world. The strong personalities and big egos of Western art’s last centuries have led to luscious artworks, incredible galleries, and stacks of unread art books. It’s hard to ignore the titillating tales about London’s dealers, whether Mayfair’s Blue-Chips or East London’s emerging galleries, and we are both disgusted and fascinated by the drunken tales of Bacon, the serial love interests of Freud, and the egotism of Gauguin.

And speaking of moving and shaking - as background to the exhibition Into the Night coming to the Barbican, we explore the art of the cabarets, their paintings, posters and posers.

Also, we'll be leading tours at the Frieze art fair, museums, and commercial galleries to uncover what's new and cutting edge in today's London.

Whether you are new to the art world or a knowledgeable art lover, you are welcome at the London Art Salon's invigorating social events.

Yayoi Kusama Yellow Pumpkin on Naoshima

London’s Contemporary Art scene
in 3 morning sessions

Weds, 2nd Oct 2019 & 2 other dates
10:30-12:00 in London galleries

In 3 morning gallery-based sessions with art historian Marie-Anne Mancio , see what’s hip and happening in today’s art world. More...

Each session: £30

Gauguin, Nafea faa ipoipo (When Will You Marry?), 1892, detail

Gauguin: monster or genius?
– with Marie-Anne Mancio

Weds, 2nd Oct 2019, 18:30-20:30
Art Workers' Guild, Bloomsbury

Join art historian Marie-Anne Mancio to explore the art and life of this post-impressionist master. More...

Tickets £35 (includes a glass of wine)

Frieze london 2019

Tour of Frieze London
– with Ali Cohen

Fri 4th Oct 2019, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:30
Frieze London, Regent's Park

Join art historian Ali Cohen's 60-minute tour of the fair and discover what’s trending and news-making in the gallery displays. More...

Tickets £25

Deutsche Bank London collection

Deutsche Bank Collection
Private Tour

Thurs 14th Nov 2019, 18:15-20:00
Deutsche Bank, The City

Join us for a private evening tour of Deutsche Bank's London contemporary art collection. More...

Tickets SOLD OUT

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen Reopening of the Chat Noir Cabaret, 1896 – detail

Cabarets, Cafés & Clubs
– with Patrick Bade

Tues 26th Nov 2019, 09:45-12:00
Art Workers' Guild, Bloomsbury

Art historian Patrick Bade examines the influence of Berlin, Vienna, and Paris nightlife on the art of the 1880s to the 1930s. More...

Tickets £30 (Incl coffee and pastries)

Jackson Pollock working on Alchemy in 1947 - detail

Hey, good looking! Ways to look
at a painting – with Alice White

Weds 27th Nov 2019, 09:45-12:00
Art Workers' Guild, Bloomsbury

Join artist and Central St. Martins lecturer Alice White to explore the secrets behind great paintings. More...

Tickets £30 (Incl coffee and pastries)

Lucian Freud Head of Esther 1982-83, detail

The Paintings of Freud and Bacon
– with Alice White

Weds, 22nd Jan 2020, 18:30-20:30
Art Workers' Guild, Bloomsbury

Artist lecturer Alice White explores the techniques of two London-based greats. More...

Tickets £35 (includes a glass of wine)